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Adhering to the management philosophy of "Thriving on Good Quality, Developing on High Credit", Zhejiang Orchid Industry Co., Ltd always put undertaking social responsibilities on his major agenda. Over the years, our company has worked conscientiously on kinds of matters including paying taxes according to law, legitimate employment, build up green factory and take enthusiasm in philanthropy. By fulfilling these responsibilities, we have won sound reputation both in local area and in the industry. The details are stated as follows:

  • I. Matters about Implementation of National Regulations on Labour and Social Security

    I. Matters about Implementation of National Regulations on Labour and Social Security

    Our company has always followed the "based on talents" theory on quality policy. We take full values on talents and recruit capable person openly and widely, we invite our staff to participate in the business administration. In respect of living service, we build up canteen for staff to safeguard their health by strictly management.  In respect of working environment, we have bought land at Auto & Motorcycle Industrial Park in 2006, also cost 10 million yuan to built up a new plant according to national standard to improve our working environment; in respect of welfare benefits, we strictly implement the national policies to arrange all staff to participate in social insurance schemes and make salary/wages payment in time. In addition, we have worked out corresponding pay program for staff to motive their initiative and also improve the rallying power between enterprise and staff. With these measures, our staff can work hard here every day.

  • II. Matters about Implementation of National Safety Rules

  • III. Matters about Implementation of National Provisions of Environmental Protection

  • IV. Matters about Protecting the Consumers' Legitimate Rights and Interests

  • V. Other Social Responsibility